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When tooth extraction become necessary, we can help. Our objective is to help our patients maintain their natural teeth. We are experienced with surgical procedures. Our team offers different sedation options including medications that can help reduce anxiety during your visit. With our sedation dentistry options, tooth removals are as painless as possible, and in most cases patients feel little to no discomfort during treatment.

Postponing the removal of a bad tooth can cause pain, misalignment, and infection. If your wisdom teeth are causing you trouble, the best way to avoid prolonged discomfort is to have the teeth removed.

Reasons For Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction may be necessary for a variety of reasons including:

  • A badly damaged tooth due to trauma or decay
  • Crowding in the mouth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Severe infections

If you are experiencing extreme discomfort or pain, call us today to schedule an emergency tooth extraction appointment.


What is the Difference between Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions?

Simple and surgical tooth extractions are both offered at New Bremen Smiles. Simple tooth extractions are done when the teeth are visible easily accessed using just local anesthesia.

Surgical tooth extractions are for more involved, due to the teeth either not being grown in yet, or otherwise inaccessible. This type of tooth removal requires sedation so the procedure can be completed with the patient in as little discomfort as possible.

What to Expect for Simple Tooth Extractions

Prior to removal, the area around your tooth will be anesthetized utilizing a local anesthetic to numb the area of the mouth where the extraction will occur. The root of each tooth is enclosed within your jawbone in a socket, and kept in that socket by a ligament. In order to remove a tooth, the dentist will separate the tooth from the ligament, allowing it to be removed from the socket.

Once the tooth has been removed, the dentist may also wish to smooth and re-contour the underlying bone. Depending on the procedure, he may also choose to close the incision site with a stitch when he’s finished. After a tooth has been removed, neighboring teeth may shift, triggering problems with chewing or your jaw joint function. To avoid these issues, you may be advised to replace the extracted tooth.

It’s important to keep the incision site clean to prevent infection following the removal of a tooth. For 24 hours afterwards, you shouldn’t smoke, wash your mouth strongly, or brush the teeth next to the extraction site. To help reduce swelling and speed up recovery, you may apply an ice pack to the face in 15 minute intervals. Initial healing takes about 2 weeks. It can take 3-6 months for the bone and soft tissue to be fully restructured.

If you think you need a tooth or multiple teeth extracted, call our New Bremen smiles office today to schedule your appointment.